The world’s first
fire detection birdhouse.
In northern Spain most of the territory is forest.
An area full of villages, vegetation and wildlife.
Many fires happen each year.
In 2015 almost 40% of the land was burned.
The birdhouse uses
a smoke detector to identify fires.
When smoke is detected
a geolocated message is sent through
a 3G connection to the forest department.
The fire station receives the message instantly
and sends a team to extinguish the fire.
Birdhouse Alarm system
Birdhouse Alarm uses a smoke sensor capable of identifying smoke within 20 meters.
It’s powered by a rechargeable battery equipped with a solar panel.
The arduino has a 3G system responsible for sending the geolocated signal.
Birdhouse alarm is made of a material prepared for the outside and can withstand extreme weather conditions.
Birdhouse Alarm is a project by GENERALI
which belongs to its program to protect the environment
in a sustainable and innovative way.
The idea is for the prototype developed to grow
and be implemented worldwide.